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Autismland is a royalist democratic party in World Aspergers' Organization.

Autismland is a member of the World Aspergers' Organization and the World Aspergers' Organization's Royalist International.

Programs Edit

  • Welfarism.
  • Backing up the Descendants of Hans I (Dr. Johann "Hans" Friedrich Karl Asperger) to the throne.

Positive aspects will be:

  • Royalism.
  • Reformism. Building onto the British know-how and institutes.
  • A Western welfarist monarchy modelled after Great Britain.

Symbolism Edit

  • The infinity mark symbolizes the sovereign Autist state.
  • Royal colours, the dark red and gold symbolizes the Royalism.
  • The Anglican Bible verse quotes a part of Malachi 3:10 from King James Bible, as a symbol of the welfarism and the British model.

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